Fishing Rod Storage

10-Minute Tech: Hooked on Fishing

We have enjoyed camping for 20-plus years. Since we also like to fish, we carry fishing rods in our RV’s outside storage compartment, but...
Closet Door Stopper

10-Minute Tech: Sliding Doors Stay Put

After breaking several plastic latches on the sliding-glass doors on our RV’s wardrobe and having to replace the mirror on one of them because...

10-Minute Tech: Best of Both Showerheads

I like the convenience of a fixed showerhead as well as a portable handheld sprayer, so I modified the handheld one in our RV....
Tuff Truck Bed

Hands On: Tuff Truck Bag

 Designed to protect stowed gear from the elements, these rugged truck-bed storage enclosures are built of tried-and-true materials used on inflatable boatsA great feature...
Surge Protectors

Power Protection

 Electrical surges are a common part of RV life. Here’s how to keep the electrical components safeTraveling the country by tow vehicle and trailer...
Tire pressure gauge

RV Clinic October 2015

Max Tire Pressure Versus Reduced PressureQ: It’s an old question, but I do need your advice. I just bought four new tires for my...
Downhill Grade Sign

Taming the Mountains

 BD Diesel’s Variable Vane Exhaust Brake grants truck owners much more control when descending grades while towing a heavy trailerPulling a 16,000-pound-plus trailer...
RV Cover Installvideo

It’s a Wrap

 Trailer Life's Bob Dawson demonstrates how you can simplify the installation of an RV cover.   
Solar Install

Electrical Independence

 Installing a powerful solar system provides freedom from the utility grid and the opportunity to stay in primitive locations without giving up conveniencesThe sun...
Truck Scales Sign

RV Clinic August 2015

Truck Payload CapacityQ: I have a 2015 Ram 2500 4WD with the Cummins diesel and shortbed configuration. The maximum payload is listed at 2,360...
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Pedego bike and Airstream trailer

Staff Pick: Pedego Electric Bikes

Staff Pick: I tried out a bright-green Latch bike at the Santa Barbara, California, Pedego store, and it zipped easily to the top of...

Bugg Banner: A Real Cover-Up

Hanging a Bugg Banner keeps most of the insects off the fifth-wheel front cap and dramatically reduces cleaning time.As a fly fisherman, I have...
The LCD screen displays voltage and amperage, monitored continuously. Lights below the screen guide the user when conditions are safe.

Power Tool: Surge Guard Surge Protector

Surge Guard’s latest portable device is a hedge against damage caused by faulty 120-volt AC hookups and natural influences Plugging into 120-volt AC power at...