Truck and Trailer Matchup

RV Clinic

December 24, 2012

Q: We have been RVing for 40 years and love every moment. We’re retired now and get too much conflicting info on trailers and tow vehicles, and are getting scared to travel because of all the negative feedback on camping advice. Please help resolve our planned setup for fifth-wheeling. We have a 34-foot... Read more »

Satellite Receiver Fitment

RV Clinic

December 23, 2012

Q: We are looking at downsizing from our fifth-wheel to a travel trailer. One concern we have with all manufacturers is where, inside, do they expect us to put the satellite receiver? Because of the size of the receiver we haven’t seen one trailer that has room for the receiver. Most have satellite... Read more »

Fifth-Wheel – Gooseneck Options


December 20, 2012

Q: After reading the article about fifth-wheel hitches (“Go 5th and Go Forth”) in Sept. 2012 Trailer Life I would like your opinion about gooseneck adapters for an RV-to-gooseneck hitch ball. I have been pulling a gooseneck-hitch trailer with our long-bed 2004 Chevy 2500 HD, which has a gooseneck... Read more »

Sealing Caulk Failure

RV Clinic

December 20, 2012

Q: We opened our Forest River travel trailer after it had been covered all winter and everything looked fine. Then the spring rain came and apparently the caulking had failed around the access panel for the water heater. Now our subfloor is soft. We lifted part of the vinyl floor tiles in this area... Read more »

Hot Water Sulfur Odor

RV Clinic

December 17, 2012

Q: When we first turn on the hot water at our bathroom sink in our Paradise Point fifth-wheel, we experience a very strong sulfur odor coming from the sink. There is no problem with the kitchen sink or shower when we use the hot water. We used a vinegar and water mixture, as recommended in the water... Read more »

Fifth-wheel Landing Gear Repair Parts

RV Clinic

December 13, 2012

Q: I have been trying to find parts to repair my fifth-wheel landing gear. The landing gear set was produced by Fulton Performance. They list the complete landing gear as item #500158. What I am trying to find is a parts list for the internal workings, specifically the block and screw. I have contacted... Read more »

Brake Troubles

RV Clinic

December 10, 2012

Q: Two years ago, I replaced the entire backing plate braking system on all four wheels on our 2001 SunnyBrook fiver. I have one wheel (left front) that periodically grabs and locks up, skidding the tire. There is always a metal-to-metal-squealing at lockup. The brake locking on this one wheel is sporadic... Read more »

Removing Black Streaks From RV siding

RV Clinic

December 6, 2012

Q: We need your assistance or an article on how to remove black streaks on my 2000 Coachman travel trailer. I have used several products, but the best one is the Reliable Super Spray Cleaner. It takes a lot of work even with this, but I can get rid of them. The only thing is, after a week or so, they... Read more »

Tire Tip and Nitrogen Question


November 28, 2012

Q: We pull a 35-foot travel trailer. When I got the trailer I had several problems with trailer tire blowouts. I noticed that my son’s larger and heavier fifth-wheel trailer had light-truck tires instead of trailer tires. I bought five 16-inch six-lug wheels and E rated light-truck tires and this solved... Read more »

Hitch Receiver Wear and Tear

Tools Josep Ma. Rosell

November 14, 2012

Q: I have a hitch problem and I have talked to the manufacturer of the hitch but they were unable to help me resolve this issue. Maybe you can help. I tow a 27-foot SunnyBrook travel trailer. It probably weighs around 8,000 pounds when loaded. I use a 2007 GMC 3/4-ton four-door crew cab with the Duramax... Read more »

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