Big Dog, Small Travel Trailer


Russ and Ellen Steele
March 29, 2012

 There’s nothing better than sharing traveling adventures with the ones you love, but what happens if the one that you love most has four legs and a tail? Sharing the camping lifestyle with Fido, Bowser or Rover isn’t as difficult as it may at first seem, as long as you prepare and adapt accordingly.... Read more »

Hitched: Side Trip Adds Significance to Journey


March 6, 2012

When you’re on the road, always seeking out new vistas over new horizons, you’re bound to run into the unexpected. We’ve encountered this several times in our RVing days, and I’ll tell you, there’s never a logical explanation. The most memorable instance began when we pulled our travel trailer... Read more »

Hitched: Why We Began Hitching Up


Barry Zander
January 6, 2012

It was like a bolt of lightning. One day we were living our routine life, commuting to work, maintaining our suburban home, looking forward to weekend tent-camping trips, getting together with family and friends. The next day, we were planning our getaway in an RV. With no constraints to hold us back,... Read more »

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