Pump It Up: Bully Dog(2)

Bully Dog Technologies’
Power Pup
Downloader provides quick, easy diesel performance increases by “re-flashing” the vehicle’s engine computer. Installation takes place inside the cab, by simply plugging into the truck’s OBDII port. Downloader’s menu-driven display allows any of four different power settings to be selected: Stock, Tow (50-70 hp), Performance (75-90 hp) or Extreme (95-230 hp). The Power Pup also allows the engine to be instantly restored to the original settings if the need arises. Applications are available for Duramax, 6.0/7.3L PowerStroke and ’03-’05 Cummins engines. 

Bully Dog Technologies,
(208) 397-3200, www.bullydog.com


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