Body Spa Skin Care Series Showerheads

August 30, 2008
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1788535_hnads_on_oxygenics_showerhead.jpgOne of the things RV manufacturers strive for is to provide the comforts and conveniences of a stick home in the confines of a trailer. However, there’s one aspect of trailering that never seems to be as enjoyable as the residential experience – taking a shower. 

Oxygenics has set out to make showering in an RV more enjoyable with the Body Spa Skin Care Series showerheads, which are designed to save water while retaining the luxury of a high-flow showerhead. The Body Spa showerhead uses a proprietary Venturi Effect to increase water velocity and then injects oxygen into the water. All of this technology leads to large spray patterns while consuming small amounts of water.

Anyone with a pair of Channel Lock-type pliers can install the Body Spa as long as “righty-tighty” and “lefty-loosey” are employed. The Body Spa functions exactly as claimed; however there is room for some improvement, depending on how you like the water to hit your body. In all fairness to Oxygenics and the Body Spa showerhead, I don’t enjoy the harsh feeling of slightly over pressurized water when I shower, but many RVers may love this sensation. Nevertheless, the Body Spa is well-made, good-looking and, most importantly for RVers, saves water. Available at Camping World with a suggested retail price of about $45.

For more information, call (800) 344-3242 or visit

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