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by Kristopher Bunker
May 2, 2014
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Forest River utilizes a familiar aerodynamic shape for the Rockwood Windjammer 3008W, resulting in increased living area and improved towing performance


Ever watch a motorized boat speed across a lake? The seemingly commonplace action can be quite graceful, with the elegant front V-shape effortlessly slicing through its aquatic environs, defying wind and friction while gliding hither and yon. Okay, that imagery may be a bit much for what’s essentially a large chunk of floating fiberglass and metal, but the engineers at Forest River’s Rockwood division must have had a somewhat similar shore-bound epiphany while the aptly named Windjammer was in its planning stages. Namely, “If the standard marine-based V-shape works with boats on the water, why not with travel trailers on land?” It’s not a new concept, but it is one that does garner some consideration. Plus, the simple act of jutting out the front of the trailer can lead to a couple more feet of usable floor space inside.

Floor space for relaxing or entertaining truly benefits from the location of the galley in the V-nose; opting for the freestanding table adds to the floorplan’s versatility.

Floor space for relaxing or entertaining truly benefits from the location of the galley in the V-nose; opting for the freestanding table adds to the floorplan’s versatility.

Various Windjammer floorplans utilize that extra square footage for a variety of amenities including a sofa bed, shelf units and even some bunks. One of the things that drew us to the 3008W featured here is the decision to transform that front area into a galley, a choice that seems to be one of the more innovative uses of space in these floorplans.
But perhaps we’re getting ahead of ourselves. The Windjammer is, after all, much more than a V-nose box on wheels. It’s a pretty fun — and functional — family trailer as well.
The 3008W is a dual-entry trailer that can sleep four rather comfortably, and a few more with the right options in place or some space concessions made. The first sleeping area can be accessed via the rear entry, which opens directly into the master bedroom. The suitelike retreat features a mirrored wardrobe above a bank of drawers, plus a handy end table at the rear, while a streetside slide opens up the bed area and allows for the all-too-rare walk-around bed. The comfortable residential Serta mattress upgrade is part of Convenience Package D ($2,685), which also includes upgrades to the oven, microwave, water heater and air conditioner. There are tiny nightstands on each side of the bed, and although they are small, they are much appreciated by bespectacled RVers such as myself. A TV is also available.
Heading toward the front of the trailer, next up is the bathroom. The area takes up the entire width of the trailer, so space isn’t really an issue … except in the garden shower. The stall is surprisingly cramped, given the workable space available, though the rounded shape does offer some needed breathing room. The lavatory, sink, medicine cabinet and linen “closet” are all on the opposite wall and feel more like they belong in the space than the shower.
Opening a solid door leads to the large living area. The entertainment center, immediately on the left streetside, comprises the wall between the room and the lavatory, and the 32-inch TV is easily viewed from the 67-inch sofa bed and freestanding table and chair upgrade ($365) located in the streetside slide. I should point out that opting for the freestanding table will cost a couple of sleeping positions, so if you’re traveling with more than four (as we do), you should plan accordingly. Otherwise, bring sleeping bags.

The master bedroom offers a large mirrored wardrobe, a comfortable upgraded mattress and small nightstands sized just right for eyeglasses or the TV remote.

The master bedroom offers a large mirrored wardrobe, a comfortable upgraded mattress and small nightstands sized just right for eyeglasses or the TV remote.

The curbside recliners can be upgraded to Ultraleather ($1,175), a pricey option that could be skipped to save a few bucks, especially with little ones that are hard on nice furniture. They did, however, offer a great place to relax and read, but viewing the TV, especially from the left seat, required a moderate amount of stretching and repositioning.
The second door is likely where the majority of traffic will enter. The door opens to the cool sushi-bar-type countertop off the galley, which the kids always find interesting but adults may want to avoid while visitors pop in and out of the door.
As stated before, the draw for us is the use of the V-nose area as the galley. The fully appointed area is indeed a nice feature, though we found it difficult to inhabit the area with more than one cook at a time, which was a hassle until we got the hang of things. We’re more of a grilling-entrée group anyhow, so the optional exterior grill ($145) would be a no-brainer to avoid congested meal-prep time.
The galley layout doesn’t feature a pantry, but that deficiency was more than made up for by the extensive number of cabinets. The dual-basin sink is situated so as to offer a great view out the front window while still retaining convenient access to the refrigerator and storage shelf above.
TL1405 walkthrough - Windjammer.inddAnd it’s out that front window — and the side windows and rear windows — that you’re likely to encounter inquisitive campers who’d like to know more about the unique looking trailer. The fiberglass exterior with the high-gloss finish only adds to the overall look, as do the aluminum wheels, windows with tinted safety glass and power awning with rain dump — all part of the above-mentioned Convenience Package D. The Windjammer was also outfitted with a power A-frame jack ($140), four power stabilizer jacks ($510) and a rear ladder ($80), all add-ons worth the extra cash.
Whether you realize any savings in fuel costs when towing the Windjammer becomes almost irrelevant after spending time in camp with the trailer. The layout is fun, the use of space innovative and the living is high-class. Plus, you’re sure to make some new friends in camp, as the 3008W definitely causes second looks from your neighbors.

Forest River | www.forestriverinc.com



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