13) The tank is secured to the ladder with the included cinch-strap. It sits nicely on the bracket, with tabs on the tank (inset) that help secure it to the arms.
1) After removing the SmartTote2 LX from the packaging, the handle is unfolded, and the tank can be pulled easily. The handle extends for more leverage, if needed. It fits over the tow vehicle’s 25⁄16-inch hitch ball for slowly towing the tank to the dump station. 2) The LX has a floating AutoStop level gauge/vent and a rinsing port toward the top. When getting ready to transfer waste from the RV or empty the contents at the dump station, open the gauge side to see when the tank is full and allow the tank to vent when dumping. Leave the rinse door (right) closed until it’s time to flush the tank with clean water. 3) The PermaStore cabinet houses a heavy-duty collapsible sewer hose with an ergonomic bayonet fitting and cap, and a 90-degree elbow for use with a sewer connection. The elbow is shallow, so it’s best to use a sewer donut. 4) The hose connects to the RV’s sewage outlet for evacuating the tanks. While dumping, watch the AutoStop level gauge closely.
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