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After a 20-minute battle, you’ve finally managed to get the giant halibut to the side of the boat. Now for the tricky part: How do you land the beast, remove the hook and get him stowed without clanking your fishing partner on the head with your rod? Or stepping on it? After all, you only have two hands. Not anymore, matey!


The 3rd Grip Pole Holster turns even fumble-fingered fishermen into surgeon-steady anglers by freeing up both their hands. Once the pole holster has been secured to one hip (or ankle, depending on the tackle used and whichever placement feels more comfortable), an angler simply slips the butt of the rod into the plastic tube and sets his mind to the task at hand. The Velcro straps allow for a customized fit, and the Cordura 600 Denier material and internal padding create a durable, snag-free surface and a comfortable feel. The internal plastic tube is large enough in diameter to accommodate even the thickest surf rigs, and 3rd Grip also provides sheaths in which to stow a knife and pliers. The holster is so versatile that it not only allows for easy rod storage, but it also holds the pole at about a 45-degree angle, so it’s possible to fish while reading a magazine and enjoying a beverage. And it easily attaches to a float tube.


Perfect for shore or surf fishing — where rod placement can be tricky when attempting angling’s finer tasks — yet useful wherever lines are cast, the 3rd Grip Pole Holster certainly has a place in every angler’s tackle box. And the $20 price tag won’t prevent the purchase of that shiny new reel.


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