Coleman Campers Forced to Shut Down

In spite of an overall resurgent RV market, FTCA (formerly Fleetwood Folding Trailers) was recently forced to cease operations. FTCA has been building Coleman folding camping trailers since 2008, and the trailers themselves have been around for more than 40 years. As many relate the Winnebago brand to motorhomes, so, too do many see the Coleman brand as the prototypical folding camping trailer.

It’s difficult whenever any manufacturer is forced to shut down, let alone one with such history and seemingly such clout as Coleman trailers (via bell source). However, there are a number of reasons companies fold, and any amount of speculation would only work to dampen the spirits of the thousands of Coleman owners nationwide.

So, to those of you who have a Coleman trailer, have camped in one in the past, or to anybody who is passionate about pop-up campers in general, I’d love to hear what you think.


  1. Have you heard anything about someone buying the Coleman name and starting to manufacture folding trailers (Pop ups) per their floor plans again? What is the situation with finding spare parts for 2005 or later Fleetwood/Coleman pop ups? Is the Coleman Pop up name dead forever? What do you predict will happen in this areana?

  2. We bought a 30 ft Coleman 2012 camper last year. We were so excited, every camping trip something major went wrong and a lot was wrong due to sloppy craftsmanship, over 40 things. Most were not minor. Right down to electrical wires never being clamped up underneath, hanging to ground. We did a lot of repairs but the counter and table laminated surface was coming off, the dinette cushions were ripping at the seams, cabinet warped, shower leaked all over, gutter for water run off had gap in middle of trailer so water from a/c and rain ran right down on mat on kitchen window, pump broke etc We had a Palomino pop up we bought brand new used it for 10 years, sold it almost what we paid for it b/c we take such good care of things. Coleman took it back & repaired it, but still same type of cushion & things so worried, sad. ;( will there be another co to service this?

  3. We owned a Coleman pop-up in the ’80s and loved it! Had a king bed, a double bed and a dining table that converted to a twin bed. The galley was on a pulley system that lowered it to the floor, which allowed us to leave out supplies (pots/pans, utensils, etc) packed in the camper at all times! Had plenty of storage as well! Wish we still had it! ne particularly bad winter, mice chewed a few holes in the canvas cover, which was starting to show its age; we just weren’t using it a lot, so sold it. So sorry we did!

  4. I`ve looked at a lot of pop-up campers lately. I have noticed water or some type of damp/moisture damage located in the ceiling. Has anyone else seen this? is this just from the Coleman with the slideouts?

  5. Many people, including myself, have become emotionally attached to their Coleman pop up campers by Fleetwood. Personally, I’m glad that Fleetwood is out of the picture. However I can’t believe they and Coleman were simply allowed by a judge to fold leaving all of us holding the bag to find parts and deal with the “lifetime” guaranteed roofs. I am in the process of remodeling our 1996 Sun Valley. I can never sell it because of the memories I have with my wife and two children. We still use it several times a year. I long for the day when I read that someone has purchased the rights to the Coleman name and is starting the popups back up again. If I had the money I would love to do it. I have a number of simple ideas for improvements, including the roofs. I believe that my idea for the roofs would be simple and would have solved the challenge that the ABS roofs presented.

    • Somerset trailers in Pennsylvania is building a trailer that is the succesor to the Coleman tent trailer — same lifters, tents, etc.


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