Concept Aerospace-Designed RV


Global Caravan Technology (GCT), located in Speedway, Indiana, is designing a new style of RV using aerospace and supercar design concepts. The CR-Series CR-1 Carbon is said to be the world’s first RV to use extensive carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) technology. The company claims that the super-luxury SUV-towable will feature a 35-foot, 3-inch floorplan with space and amenities equal to those of highline motorhomes (artist’s concept shown).
GCT’s CEO and Chief Product Architect Charles Hoefer explained the concept of the design: “We approached the development of the CR-Series with an absolute premium on interior space. We have really pushed the envelope in taking a new design to market, which features a modern exterior, yet brilliantly spacious interior.”
The tall and “slippery” design will offer excellent aerodynamics that reduce drag and give the trailer a low center of gravity, according to the company. GCT’s Rapid Composites Manufacturing (RCM) has a construction blueprint more akin to aircraft and supercars than conventional RVs.


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