Tents for Troops Aims for Free Military Camping

Tents for Troops has created a petition on the White House’s “We the People” site asking President Obama to issue an executive order compelling parks/recreation areas on all federal lands to allow free camping for active military and active reserves.

Visit www.tentsfortroops.com for more information, participating facilities and ways to help our military families enjoy more outdoor recreation.

The Tents for Troops program, which RV parks and campgrounds can join by donating two sites for two nights, has spread to more than 40 states. Founder Charlie Curry said the nonprofit organization needs 25,000 petition signatures by May 1 to elevate the request to the Obama administration.

“We’re asking for your help,” said Curry, who also owns Toutle River RV Resort in Castle Rock, Wash. “Please visit our petition [at http://wh.gov/nL8]. In order to sign it you must register with your name and email address and must confirm your email address via a confirmation email message from the site. Once registered you may add your name to the support of this request. Feel free to share this link with everyone you know and encourage them to support our troops in this small but significant way.”

The executive order Curry hopes is issued would compel parks and recreation areas on all federal lands to allow a minimum of two nights of free camping for active military, reserves and their immediate families, providing space is available. Reservations would be required at all parks. This includes National and U.S. Forest Service Parks, Bureau of Land Management areas, RV parks and campgrounds owned by the military, and more.

Visit www.tentsfortroops.com to watch a short video explaining the petition drive, which includes a special message from Master Sgt. Forrest Brown, an active member of the military, an RVer and Tents for Troops user.

“Complimentary access to our national lands, the joys that a camping/RV vacation can provide, helping build and restore family bonds and make memories that last a lifetime is one small but significant way we can say ‘thank you for your service’,” Curry said.


  1. I’m not sure I get this one. I have two issues with it.

    1. RV camping is expensive (the cost of the RV and tow vehicle is not insignificant), so the cost of the campsite has to have been factored in before spending all the money for the RV equipment. I’m not sure that saving a couple of nights of campsite fees is going to particularly help.

    2. Most active duty military have just spend multiple tours “camping” in places like Afghanistan and Iraq. How many really want to go camping when they get home?

    I think this is a solution in search of a problem. And I speak as an avid camper and 20 year military veteran (both active and reserve).


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