There’s no shortage of small, lightweight camping trailers for towing behind the family car, SUV or pickup. Attracting the attention of outdoor enthusiasts from Millennials to Baby Boomers, these mini campers have a small footprint but can be surprisingly big on features. Here’s a look at some of the latest tiny trailers — teardrop-shape, expedition-style and more traditional ultralight towables — that are giving beefier RVs a run for the money.

Trailer Roundup
New-Era Teardrops

A fresh crop of nostalgic streamlined camping trailers combines retro looks and modern technology



Trailer Roundup
Rough and Ready

The new expedition-style tent trailers take the dirt roads less traveled — or even forsake roads entirely



Trailer Test
Turtleback Expedition

Touring the backcountry in style with an 11½-foot off-road trailer, a rooftop tent and all the essentials


Trailer Roundup
Travel Light

Nimble trailers with a gross vehicle weight rating under 3,500 pounds


Trailer Test
Forest River R-pod

Ideal for couples of all ages, the 20-foot, single-slideout RP-180 matches up with a midsize pickup or SUV




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