Alaska’s Switzerland


by Donna Ikenberry
March 31, 2015

  Surrounded by mountains rising above 13,000 feet, the scenic port of Valdez is an outdoor paradise for cycling along Prince William Sound, cruising past calving glaciers, kayaking among marine animals and gazing at Alaskan wildlife   Valdez is a must-see, must-experience, must-visit place. Often... Read more »

Trailer Camping Near Wrangell-St. Elias National Park

Wrangell-St. Elias National Park

November 29, 2011

Trailer campers thinking big may want to take a trip to Alaska, not Texas, to visit Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. The park is the largest in the United States. It’s a staggering six times larger than Yellowstone, and four separate mountain ranges connect within the park. And nine of the sixteen... Read more »

Trailer Camping Near Kenai Fjords National Park

Kenai Fjords National Park

November 29, 2011

Trailer campers looking for a peek into the ice age should take a trip to the pristine Kenai Fjords National Park. Glaciers, earthquakes and ocean storms are constantly reshaping the park land. For wildlife seekers, the park offers bears and whales, as well as scores of other Alaska wildlife. The park... Read more »

Trailer Camping Near Denali National Park

Denali National Park

November 29, 2011

Anyone looking for a rugged campsite or some serious mountaineering should pack plenty of warm clothes and point their rig north to Denali National Park. Denali became an official national park in 1980, it combined the smaller Mount McKinley National Park — established first in 1917 — and... Read more »

Trailer Camping Near Gates of the Arctic National Park

Gates of the Arctic National Park

November 23, 2011

Trailer camping in Alaska is a great way to experience nature in its most primal state — and the Gates of the Arctic National Park is one of the most untouched parks around. The remote Gates of the Arctic National Park first became a protected area in 1978, gaining status as a national park in... Read more »

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