The Flip Side of Florida


by Irene Middleman Thomas
December 29, 2014

  A coastal road trip across the Florida Panhandle reveals the less-visited side of the state with dazzling blue-green surf, sugar-white beaches, friendly locals and a distinctly Deep South vibe We pulled into the bridge’s tollbooth lane, pleasantly stuffed from our dinner of fresh batter-fried... Read more »

The Scenic Route: The All-Americans

Red Rock Scenic Byway

Alan Rider
March 1, 2013

When you hear the phrase “All-American,” what’s the first thing that comes to mind?  For most of us those words conjure up images of sports teams in general and, at this time of year, baseball teams in particular. Peoria Sports Complex, spring training home of the Mariners and Padres... Read more »

Enjoy the Fred Marquis Pinellas Trail

Fred Marquis Pinellas Trail

Patricia Strutz
February 20, 2013

In 1888 the first train on the Orange Belt Railroad arrived in St. Petersburg, Fla. Now — one hundred years later — a rails-to-trails conversion of that same railroad corridor into a protected recreational trail is in the works. The greenway is open for visitors who would use it for walking, hiking,... Read more »

Picture-Perfect Pensacola

Pensacola, FL beach

Carl Calvert
Photos by Ann & Carl Calvert
December 28, 2012

The trip from Alabama’s panhandle into Florida’s better-known panhandle is a short one, but in terms of the differences between the two states, the transition from one border to another is huge. Alabama is steeped in Southern tradition and lore, rich in regionally-sourced gastronomical delights and... Read more »

The Scenic Route: More Florida Finds

Hiking in Tate's Hell State Forest

Alan Rider
November 23, 2012

When those first snowflakes start to fall it’s time for those of us fond of traveling The Scenic Route to think about heading south for the winter. While we told you about Florida’s Black Bear Scenic Byway in the November issue of Trailer Life, it’s far from the only road-less-traveled... Read more »

Black Bear Scenic Byway

Juniper Springs millhouse

Alan Rider
November 1, 2012

While piercing cries echoed from the surrounding swamp like a flashback from some black-and-white Tarzan movie, I dipped my paddle into the still, tea-colored waters of Alexander Springs Creek. Though the wild waterway my family and I are canoeing is only about one hour from Florida’s world-famous... Read more »

Oysters and Seafood in Eastpoint, Florida

Shrimping in Eastpoint, FL

Bill Graves
October 25, 2012

Highway 98 crosses Apalachicola Bay on a bridge that’s four miles long. The bridge is not that high — it gives enough clearance to accommodate shrimp boats — but Florida is flat, so I have a good view. To the south is a 28-mile-long barrier island called St. George. Its tallest structure is a lighthouse,... Read more »

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