2013 Trucks: Best Bets From the Big 3


Bruce W. Smith and Stuart Bourdon
December 18, 2012

With a renewed spirit permeating the nation, those who enjoy the outdoors and the freedom of the road are again enjoying weekend getaways and extended road trips with family and friends. Along with that renewed wanderlust may come the realization that the pickup you’ve been driving is probably more... Read more »

Exploring New Territory

June 10, 2011

With SUVs continuing to play a significant role in today’s automotive market, there is a corresponding desire among many RV enthusiasts for lighter-weight trailers to tow behind them. Not all SUVs are capable of or set up to haul anything, let alone a 4,000- to 5,000-pound trailer. However, Ford’s... Read more »

The Ford Flex and TrailManor Elkmont 2417

June 1, 2009

TrailManor has been involved with the lighter weight and better fuel economy side of towing for a long time with its unique clamshell-folding towables. Now the company has jumped into the full hard-side trailer market with its new 24-foot Elkmont model, continuing the tradition of easy towing.   We... Read more »

Cutting Edge

April 30, 2007

As vehicle models continue to evolve, the baby-boom segment — historically staunch, long-time SUV and minivan owners — are beginning to look for something easier to get in and out of that also rides with a bit more civility. In addition, the “empty-nest” syndrome is setting in,... Read more »

Easy Rider

March 1, 2005

Ford Motor Company and Harley-Davidson forged an alliance in 1999 to produce special-edition pickups, and the timing was such that both companies were able to jointly promote their 100th anniversaries in 2003. Sunline Coach Company reaches a milestone in the 2005 model year as well, celebrating 40 years... Read more »

F-550 & King of the Road 34 LS

September 1, 2003

The Ford F-550 has proven itself to be a capable fifth-wheel tow vehicle with a gross combination weight rating (gcwr) suitable for all but the heaviest trailers. For 2003, it’s available with the new 6.0-liter Power Stroke diesel and five-speed automatic transmission, with a hearty soul and a 17,400-pound... Read more »

Excursion and Spirit of America

July 2, 2003

To test the capabilities of the mammoth Ford Excursion, we towed a Coachmen Spirit of America 25-footer that’s aimed at the affordable end of the price scale. While that wasn’t pushing the Excursion anywhere close to its maximum capabilities, it did provide a good foundation for family trailering... Read more »

Expedition & Laredo 29′

April 1, 2003

Ford’s Expedition gave the full-size SUV business a serious jump-start when it was introduced in 1997. It wasn’t long before there was a huge crowd of RVers using the Expedition as a tow vehicle of choice, given its versatility, comfort and overall smart design. The 2003 Expedition stands to expand... Read more »

Towing 2003

December 2, 2002

Only new 2003 models (not those 2004 models to be introduced in 2003) or significantly changed vehicles are discussed in this year’s tow-vehicle overview. Dodge The all-new Dodge Heavy Duty trucks are here. A new, quieter Cummins churns out 305 hp and 555 lb-ft of torque in its high-output version... Read more »

Ford Explorer & Caravan 25′

July 1, 2002

For the first time since it began selling fold-down tent trailers in 1968, Coleman, long respected as the quality leader in the folding-trailer market, is offering a line of hardside trailers. Coleman chose to expand into the downsized travel trailer market due to repeated requests from Coleman loyalists... Read more »

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