Devilish on Dirt

September 26, 2014

    RV enthusiasts now have an easier way to improve air quality and keep their rigs cleaner. The Dirt Devil CV1500 by H-P Products runs quieter and offers 26 percent more cleaning power than... Read more »

Quick Flat Fix

February 27, 2014

  Ideally, all tubeless tires should be repaired from the inside out — but in an emergency situation, that’s not always possible. The Stop & Go Tire Plugger allows for a quick, on-the-wheel... Read more »

First-Aid for Shades

February 27, 2014

  Window shades make a significant contribution to the privacy and overall comfort of our rigs, but they get dirty. Give them the love and attention they deserve with United Shade’s Spray ‘n... Read more »

GOJO Hand Cleaner Degreaser

Donya Carlson, Managing Editor
May 6, 2013

GOJO’s Cherry Gel Pumice Hand Cleaner Degreaser is a fast and effective solution to tough soils that come with working under the hood. The Gel Pumice cleans the heaviest dirt, grease and oil, and is... Read more »

Jaws Cleaners Good and Green

JAWS Cleaner

Stuart Bourdon
March 20, 2013

The Just Add Water System (JAWS) is a new line of cleaners that offer a refill cartridge attached to the 32-ounce bottle. After you deplete the bottle from the starter kit, just fill it with water, drop... Read more »

Removing Black Streaks From RV siding

December 6, 2012

Q: We need your assistance or an article on how to remove black streaks on my 2000 Coachman travel trailer. I have used several products, but the best one is the Reliable Super Spray Cleaner. It takes... Read more »

Convenient RV Cleaning With Grit Guard Cart

April 27, 2012

Cleaning your RV takes a lot of elbow grease — not to mention countless trips to the garage for more products. Grit Guard has made the cleaning process easier with the Universal Detailing Cart. Whether... Read more »

Hand-Held UV Bed Cleaning Vacuum

April 13, 2012

You and your loved ones aren’t the only ones who love a warm place to hide out in the winter. Pesky bugs, dust mites and germs can thrive on untouched places over a few months, or a winter season. The... Read more »

Rust-Free RV Roof

Laura Michaels
April 10, 2012

As RVers get ready to hit the road this spring, Dicor Products has enhanced its Metal Roof Coating System with a Metal RV Roof Rust Inhibitive Primer. The primer, according to Dicor, provides better coating... Read more »

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