The Pioneer Campfire Grill

Pioneer Campfire Grill

Chris Soash, Digital Media Manager
August 20, 2012

Summer can be a great time for gathering around the campfire, however, fall is right around the corner and that’s when I really look forward to the smell and warmth of dancing flames. There’s something special about hanging out with friends and family around a good campfire, when the air starts to... Read more »

Hands On: The Can Cooker

Can Cooker

Kevin Livingston
January 16, 2012

It seems that regardless of the destination or the time of the year, RVers manage to somehow revolve their activities around food. How many times have you met with fellow RVers for breakfast before heading off to an activity, already having made plans for yet another meal before the last bite was consumed? Let’s... Read more »

The Casserole Queens Cookbook

Casserole Queens cover

Meaghan Alfier
January 9, 2012

Nothing says home quite like the 
smell of chicken pot pie or a homemade casserole filling your RV on a 
cozy winter evening. “The Casserole Queens Cookbook,” by Crystal Cook and Sandy Pollock (Clarkson Potter, 208 pages, paperback), includes all the classics with
 some modern spins... Read more »

Instantly Delicious


Trailer Life Magazine
January 9, 2012

Not all freeze-dried
 foods are created 
equal, and the Quick-Fix meals at eFoodsDirect are a testament to that fact.
 From rich and creamy Potatoes Au Gratin to
 good old-fashioned
 pancakes, the company promises that each meal contains the finest products in the marketplace, and fine foods... Read more »

Gourmet Camp Chow Cookbook

gourmet camp chow

July 29, 2011

If you think the words “gourmet” and “camp chow” don’t belong in the same sentence, let alone as the title of a cookbook, think again. “Gourmet Camp Chow, Volume 1” by Maria Olshin and Tim Knecht is the result of two RVers with over 50 years of cooking and camping experience who felt that... Read more »

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