Craters of Diamonds State Park

Craters of Diamonds State Park's diamond field.

Pamela Selbert
May 7, 2012

A little more than a century ago an Arkansas farmer named John Wesley Huddleston spotted two “round pebbles with fiery eyes that blazed up at him” from the gravel of his barnyard where he was feeding his hogs. Huddleston arranged for the stones to be sent to a jewelry store in Little Rock to be appraised.... Read more »

Fossil Hunting in Keystone Kansas


Pamela Selbert
April 30, 2012

Heading south from Oakley, Kansas, a rustic town noted for the 1868 bison shoot in which William Cody became legendary “Buffalo Bill” Cody, U.S. Highway 83 cuts across terrain that is mostly as flat, round and brown as an old penny. But here and there along the 26 miles south to Keystone Gallery,... Read more »

Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Park

This Land-Abe 1

Len Cousineau
April 23, 2012

Only about 50 miles from the incomparable Mammoth Cave, another of Kentucky’s attractions draws travelers who are interested in American history. Although George Washington is often viewed as the father of our nation, perhaps no one has done more to shape the country we live in today than Abraham Lincoln.... Read more »

Out of Africa, Outside Phoenix


April 17, 2012

Head 90 minutes north of Phoenix and find yourself in Africa. Well, Out of Africa is more like it. At the Out of Africa Wildlife Park in Camp Verde, Arizona, you can feed a giraffe, watch a zebra smile for handouts and see tigers play and chase plastic inflatable prey in and out of a swimming pool. Tour... Read more »

Traveling Death Valley By Trailer: Why Not?

Death Valley Travel

Barry Zander
April 16, 2012

I grew up picturing the desert as I saw it on Saturday morning TV westerns. That impression – of uninhabitable expanses that required 100 gallons of water to drive across – stayed with me until I experienced the desert for myself.  As RVers, we seek variety in our camping spots. My wife, Monique,... Read more »

Let’s Go To Idaho!

Idaho travel

Nicholas Upton, Digital Editor
April 14, 2012

Idaho often get’s a bad wrap, sandwiched between the tourist meccas of Wyoming, Nevada, Washington, Utah and Oregon, the state is often forgotten by travelers.  Yellowstone, Las Vegas the forests of Oregon and the mountains of Utah seem to get all the publicity.   Idaho, however, is packed with... Read more »

America’s Outback: Knoxville Tennessee

Bill Graves

Bill Graves
April 12, 2012

“A culture fed by those who teach and those who learn never lacks for exhilaration.” I’ve forgotten what it’s like to break a nine-to-five workday with lunch in a wooded park where spring is rampant. And I can’t remember the last time I laughed at kids running with feigned trepidation through... Read more »

Discovering Louisville By RV


Tom Kaiser
April 3, 2012

South of downtown Louisville, the Kentucky Exposition Center is the epicenter for the Good Sam Rally taking place June 21-24 that will draw thousands of RVers. Attending the Rally will give you the perfect opportunity to make yourself comfortable, stay a while and explore the area. A relatively undiscovered... Read more »

Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge


Donna Ikenberry
March 26, 2012

Drive one of many roads leading to Oklahoma’s Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge and you’ll almost be convinced that you are in another region of the country. Ascending from surrounding plains and flatlands, we climbed into an island-like world of post and blackjack oaks, rocky outcrops, remnant mixed... Read more »

Everyone’s Irish, Even in Georgia

Savannah St. Patrick's Day Pipes & Drums

March 15, 2012

When people think of famous St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, Boston, Chicago and New York City are probably the first to come to mind. And while the three have certainly earned their reputations as the hottest places to sport shamrocks, they offer anything but warmth when it comes to the weather. RVers... Read more »

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