Exploring Historic Route 66: Part 1

Route 66 Logo

Pamela Selbert
Photos by Guy Selbert
December 19, 2012

As of November 11, 1926, the day it was officially designated, Route 66 became “the road on which America drove west.” At 2,448 miles, stretching from Lake Michigan in Chicago to the Pacific Ocean at Santa Monica, Calif., the two-lane road crossed eight states and three time zones, stitching the... Read more »

Southern Georgia: Alligators To Oaks

The Okefenokee Swamp

Carl Calvert
Photos by Ann & Carl Calvert
December 18, 2012

South-central Georgia is a magical place. It is home to the legendary Okefenokee Swamp; bordered by Florida to the south and the town of Tifton, Ga., to the north; and it contains a heady mix of nature gone wild as well as tamed civilized elegance. Boat tours into the swamp are part of the fun at Okefenokee... Read more »

Buffalo National River

Swimmers in the Buffalo River

Pamela Selbert
Photos by Guy Selbert
November 21, 2012

Dawn comes to the serene Ozarks of northern Arkansas in a veil of damp grayness. Socked-in fog shrouds the thickly treed landscape, until in a burst of white-chrome light, the sun pops over the ancient hills and the fog melts away into a clear blue sky. Even after the sun climbs high, the early morning... Read more »

Hot Springs Spas are the Perfect Place for RVers


Amanda Lepinski, Associate Editor
November 6, 2012

When the temperature begins to drop, consider taking a trip to a hot springs resort. With a variety of spa packages available, skin and wellness benefits of natural hot mineral spring water suit just about anyone’s needs. Here are 10 spas as well as campgrounds located throughout the United States. Chena... Read more »

Driving The Ashley River Road In South Carolina

Ashley River Road

Pamela Selbert
September 10, 2012

Years ago, if you were traveling from Charles Towne in the Carolinas to one of the grand plantations a few miles northwest along the Ashley River, chances are you went by boat. Even long before Europeans settled the area, Ashley River was the major route linking the coast and settlements inland. Fast-forward... Read more »

Strategic Air Command Museum

Strategic Air Command Museum-04

Russ Steele
August 31, 2012

Having completed 20 years of service in the Air Force, with most of my career in Strategic Air Command (SAC), I collected a number of certificates and plaques that were cluttering up my home office 30 years after retirement. While they were significant to me, recognition of some first-time events in... Read more »

RVing Through Colorado’s San Luis Valley

April 1, 2010

During my 16 years of full-time RV travel, I found many places worthy of a visit. I found the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon National Park, the penguins of Antarctica, the whales of Alaska and Hawaii and Oregon’s rugged coastline. I also found the place that most felt like home. In fact, today it is my home.... Read more »

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