No-Fuss Hitch Grease


November 30, 2016

  No matter how careful I was, I always made a mess when I greased the hitch ball. I came up with an idea that has worked great, and everyone I’ve shown the fix to has taken the time to duplicate... Read more »

Magnetic Oven-Door Fix


November 30, 2016

  After many years of use, the oven door on our SunnyBrook 27FKS’s Wedgewood Vision stove no longer closed tightly, allowing heat to escape when we used the oven. I disassembled the door and inspected... Read more »

When the Cat’s Away…


October 28, 2016

  Mice inside your RV are not only messy but destructive as well. One of the most common entry points for mice is where the water hose comes into the basement through a standard 4-inch hole. To block... Read more »

Take the Chill Off


by Chris Dougherty
October 28, 2016

  Whether you camp in your RV year-round or store it for the season, take time to prep it for the cold weather to come Before you know it, old Jack Frost will be getting his grip around the Northern... Read more »

Stick a Sock Over It


October 28, 2016

  I purchased acrylic beverage cups for use in our RV. While unbreakable, they can get scratch marks where they rub against other cups or the cabinet walls. To protect them when traveling, I slip... Read more »

Have a Weight Issue?


September 29, 2016

  Overloading a vehicle can have a number of consequences, so understanding weight and loading is essential to safe towing Merriam-Webster defines “weight” as the force with which a body is... Read more »

Hold the Door


July 26, 2016

I have a Forest River fifth-wheel and spend summers in Wyoming where afternoon rain showers are common. When the rain moves in, I don’t want to step out into the wet to close my RV’s door. I installed... Read more »

Hooked on Fishing


July 26, 2016

  We have enjoyed camping for 20-plus years. Since we also like to fish, we carry fishing rods in our RV’s outside storage compartment, but they were always in the way. I designed an inexpensive... Read more »

Chucking Control


by Bob Livingston
July 1, 2016

  Comfort Ride Hitch uses proprietary air cells to soften the ride when towing a fifth-wheel trailer   Fifth-wheel hitches have evolved over the years to make the process of connecting the... Read more »

Secure Batteries


May 31, 2016

  After having our new trailer’s propane cylinders and batteries stolen at our “secure” storage facility, we decided it was prudent to “close the barn door after the fact.” A trip to an... Read more »

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