10-Minute Tech: An Easy RV-UV Awning Guard

Photo showing RV awning protected by corrugated drain pipe

After replacing the awning on my RV due to UV damage when it was stored outside and uncovered, I found a simple solution to block the sun’s rays. I bought a piece of 4-inch corrugated solid drain pipe ($3 at the local Habitat for Humanity nonprofit organization), cut it to the length of the awning and then cut about 2 inches out of the diameter, and slipped it around the awning. To figure out how much of the diameter to cut out, I practiced with a 12-inch “demo” section and cut a little bit off at a time until I knew what would work.

I use this only when my RV is in storage and always take it off before moving the RV.

Kent Miller | Santa Rosa, California



  1. I found another great option to be a length of “plastic rain gutter” turned upside down over the awning lengthwise. It is light and can be secured while in storage with a bungee cord at either end. It has saved my awning enormously here in the Arizona intense UV sun rays.


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