Help for Hitching Up


I have a 2011 Cougar fifth-wheel with Keystone’s proprietary Hitch Vision, which is basically a mirror on the front of the RV that greatly helps with aligning the hitch in the truck bed with the kingpin on the fifth-wheel. There is one problem, however, and that is I can’t see the hitch in the mirror until I am just a foot or two away. This makes it difficult to adjust the truck to cleanly line up the fifth-wheel.

To fix this, I installed a strip of duct tape in the truck bed that runs from the tailgate to the middle of the hitch. This guide strip is visible early in the hitching process and makes it much easier to adjust the truck for a perfect alignment every time. You can even use reflective tape, which may help with in-the-dark hitching, and add an additional tape strip
to the top of the pin box.

Steve Pankratz | Sioux Falls, South Dakota



  1. i use a extensin magnet that mechanics use to retrieve drop bolts and screws. i put it in front of the hitch and extend it until i can line it up with the hitch. when i hook up it knocks the magnet off.

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