No-Slip Jack

Ten Minute Tech - Jack illustration


I have heard horror stories of people jacking up their trailer to fix a flat or other repair, and the jack slips from under the axle. I have come up with a simple and inexpensive remedy to this problem. I use a bottleneck jack that goes under the axle as close to the back side of the brake assembly as possible. I measured the width and height of the axle. I took a 1/2-inch piece of metal, cut and bent it into a U to fit the axle. Next I took a piece of tubing that fits over the piston of the jack, cut it 1 inch wide and welded that to the piece of U plate that I made. I placed the whole unit on the top of the jack. Now I can raise my RV with no worrying that the jack might slip and cause damage or, even worse, injury.
Total cost: less than $25.

Doug Duval | Lunenburg, Massachusetts



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