10-Minute Tech: Leave a Light On

Here’s a simple porch light project for neighborly campers that costs around $35 and breaks down for transport. It’s only plastic, but that’s part of its beauty.

Start with a 1-foot-diameter plastic planter, and precut some plywood top and bottom center supports. The 2-inch white plastic PVC pipe, available at most hardware/gardening stores, and assorted plastic fittings can be painted if desired, but they look just fine in white.

Electrical power can be either 120-volt AC or 12-volt DC, depending on your taste. We chose the white plastic globe for soft light dispersion and resistance to breakage, but a number of different styles are adaptable.

The addition of plastic flowers is totally up to the boss of the family!

— Ronald Parsons, Kirksville, Mo.

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  1. 10-Minute Tech: Leave a Light On
    Instead of an electrical powered light bulb, just use a solar powered light.

  2. Thanks for the idea!
    This could be made, even easier.
    They sell many grades of Solar outdoor Lights. I found one as cheap as $1.99.
    That would save much time and trouble with the electric hookup.
    And there are many upgrades in style, that would look great!


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