Fiberglass Surface Cracking

Q While washing my six-year old Victory Lane fifth-wheel toy hauler I noticed that the fiberglass front cap has some spider lines beginning to appear in it, but they don’t appear to be separated all the way through the material yet. I’m concerned that they may start extending out. Is there a way that I can stop this and seal them?

– Lawrence Amidei | Sebring, Fla.

A This is a problem with the outer coating of the fiberglass, known as the gel coat. There can be a number of causes, but the most common is exposure to sun and weather — and once it begins it will get worse. I suggest you take it to an RV dealer or auto body shop that specializes in fiberglass repair. If you don’t have one in your area, you might contact a boat shop or dealer, as it will have some experience with fiberglass. Afterward, I suggest you use a quality RV cover on the unit when it is being stored, to protect it from the elements.

– Ken Freund

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