Screen Lock Solution

We have enjoyed RVing for more than 40 years but have always wondered why RV screen doors come without a secure lock. We often leave the main door open to get fresh air, most often at night. Our solution involved a trip to a hardware store for three packages that include an Everbilt sash lock and nuts and bolts, a drill bit and a screwdriver. We attached the sash lock to the screen door, and the problem is solved! We’ve found that having a secure lock on the screen door comes in handy, especially when traveling with animals and young children. Our trailer has three steps, and with our 10-minute quick fix, we no longer worry about the kids or pets falling out of the trailer. I’m sure this will also give others peace of mind.

Burke Grilione | Fresno, California



  1. After I almost fell out the back door while making the bed, we also put a secure lock on the screen. Problem solved.


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