1) Beyond the Xantrex Freedom XC inverter-charger system and the Battle Born LiFePO4 batteries, supplies needed include 2/0-gauge battery cable with terminals and heat shrink, fuse, subpanel and GFCI breakers, Romex, wire nuts, electrical tape, junction box, spray-foam insulation and screws. 2) For the AC wiring that runs up to the inverter and back to the subpanel, we used 10/4 GA SJEOOW cable, which is well protected for use in the trailer’s enclosed underbelly. 3) We removed the two 15-amp breakers in the main box for the outlets and microwave, and replaced them with a single 30-amp breaker with 10-amp Romex to the new subpanel, where it was connected to the 10/4 cable to the inverter.
4) The 10/4 cable was routed to a junction box in the forward compartment next to the Freedom XC, where it was converted over to Romex to link to the inverter’s push connectors. 5) The Freedom XC has convenient push connectors for the 120-volt AC connections, and two lugs for the 12-volt DC battery cables, which we made in-house. 6) The completed subpanel has two circuits, for the front and rear receptacles, including the refrigerator and microwave. Code requires that the circuits being fed by the inverter are GFCI equipped.
The graph shows the power curve of the lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP) battery is higher and steadier than two flooded lead-acid (FLA) GC2 batteries. This results in a much longer discharge time.
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