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Photo Credit: Chris Hemer

by Chris Hemer
January 1, 2014
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Dometic Replacement Parts and a Couple of Hours of Labor Will Put the Fun Back into Patio Time


When it comes to life outdoors, a patio awning is a necessity. Whether it’s to keep you comfortable in the hot summer sun, or dry during an autumn rain, a patio awning is an exterior feature that few of us can live without. Along with putting down your RV’s leveling jacks and plugging in, deploying the awning is part of a ceremony that means you’ve arrived, and are ready to enjoy all the things RVing has to offer.
So when the awning stops working, it’s easy to see how the RV experience just isn’t the same. It’s a little like cookies without milk, or peanut butter without jelly — you can still enjoy, but it’s certainly not as good as it could be. Happily, if the awning is damaged or has called it quits altogether, there are a variety of replacement options available from the awning manufacturers. For example, Dometic USA offers awnings in both manual and power configurations, and they can be ordered in a wide selection of fabrics, sizes and colors to suit most trailers and motorhomes.

We recently observed a Dometic WeatherPro power awning as it was repaired on a 2005 Winnebago Itasca. Purchased used only months ago, the coach was in very good condition, save for the original power awning that was hurtin’ for certain. It would deploy partially, but then had to be pulled out the rest of the way by hand — and even then, it didn’t look quite right. Clearly, the previous owner had struck something while the awning was deployed or partially deployed, bending the awning arms and a bracket. Perhaps because of the resulting lack of use, age or both, the awning material had also begun to mildew and rot, rendering it practically useless.
Installing a new replacement awning isn’t terribly difficult, but it does require a few friends, a couple of ladders and a healthy dose of caution. After all, even a small patio awning is a large, heavy and cumbersome piece of equipment that is under spring tension, and must be handled with extreme care to prevent injury. If in doubt, always contact a local RV dealer or RV outlet such as Camping World to have the awning installed for you.
While this awning is being installed on a motorhome, the installation process is similar on a trailer. It’s a simple matter of ordering the correct size (the WeatherPro is available in lengths ranging from 10-21 feet) and installing it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Within a couple of hours, you’ll have it made in the shade.


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