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(7, 8) Find a place near each tire where the Schrader valves can be mounted. On the front of this Dodge Ram dually, we decided to mount the valves in the pinch weld underneath the rocker panel. A 5/16-inch hole was drilled and the valve mounted. Adjustment nuts allow the valves to be mounted in any material thickness; the only requirement is that 3/4-inch of the valve protrudes so the quick-connect fittings can be attached.
(4, 5) Here is the finished control panel viewed from front and rear. Front view shows the Schrader valve (left), which allows the user to attach a gauge (or any standard inflation device) and the three ball-valve assemblies, which offer different functions. From left, the first valve is used to quickly air down all six tires for better traction in mud, snow, etc. It can also be fitted with a common male D-type connector to inflate all tires at once with the quick-disconnect from a compressed air hose. This is an important feature, since finding clear access to filling stations where a hose can reach all tires can be difficult. The centralized valve design allows the user to “nudge” up to the air source and inflate all tires the rest of the way without stretching hoses. The center ball valve is fitted with a brass pressure-relief valve that is preset in this application to 80 psi; once that pressure is reached, the valve “burps” additional pressure until the inflation source (air compressor, air tank, etc.) is turned off. To the right is the main control valve, which allows air into the system; it can be closed so the 2wayair system does not interfere with other onboard air systems that may be on the vehicle. In the center is the aforementioned liquid-filled pressure gauge. Note that all fittings are O-ring sealed, push-to-connect.
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