Outdoor Adventure Box
(1, 2) The 2wayair system is designed for universal application, so the first step is to locate the most convenient area to air-up/air-down the tow vehicle. Because this truck has an air compressor mounted under the hood, the decision was made to mount the main control panel in the same location. With that decided, we began by brushing Teflon paste on the components prior to assembly. Shown here is the mini control valve, which is the main control valve for the system. The components are then assembled and tightened. (3) Several different mounting brackets are offered to suit a variety of applications, ranging from the basic to the sophisticated. Here, the assembly of the master control panel is under way; in the center is a liquid filled 160 psi gauge, and in the foreground is the Schrader valve with a push-to-connect adapter (top) and a mini control valve with a push-to-connect bulkhead fitting.
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