(15) With the system plumbing completed, it’s time to build the whips. Simply measure from the Schrader valve on the vehicle to the Schrader valve on the tire at its farthest possible point, then cut the material. A tubing cutter designed specifically for this purpose is offered through RSE for $9.95. You can use a razor if you want, but the cut must be absolutely straight to ensure a leak-free seal. Once cut to length, simply direct the tubing into the push-to-connect adapters installed in the quick-connect fittings. RSE applies Teflon tape for the adapter fittings from the factory. (16) Whenever a tire or tires are to be inflated (or in this case inflated/deflated), simply connect the whip to the Schrader valve on the vehicle and tire, and turn clockwise until they lock — about a quarter-turn.
(7, 8) Find a place near each tire where the Schrader valves can be mounted. On the front of this Dodge Ram dually, we decided to mount the valves in the pinch weld underneath the rocker panel. A 5/16-inch hole was drilled and the valve mounted. Adjustment nuts allow the valves to be mounted in any material thickness; the only requirement is that 3/4-inch of the valve protrudes so the quick-connect fittings can be attached.
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