New Website Makes Motor Oil Recycling Easier

The American Petroleum Institute (API) has launched a new Website,, that will make it easier for
millions of do-it-yourself motor oil changers to find convenient locations to take their
used motor oil for recycling. API estimates that about half of all U.S. motorists change
the oil in their own vehicles — cars, light trucks, motorhomes, motorcycles and boats —
and research shows that they want to safely dispose of the used oil. But many
do-it-yourselfers do not know where to take their used oil for collecting and recycling.
“Do-it-yourselfers change their oil because it’s economical, and they take pride in working
on their own vehicles,” said API President Red Cavaney. Of the motor oil in cars and light
trucks that is available for recycling, between 65 and 75 percent — more than 250 million
gallons a year — is recycled, according to a new study soon to be released by API.


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