TOC: April 2007

cover image April 2007 TLM



Cutting Edge

Crossover into fun, style and
technology with the 2007 Ford Edge


Pathfinder & Captiva

Finding a good match is easy with this lightweight trailer and downsized
tow rig


Trading Up

An inside look at the annual RVIA Trade Show in


One Piece at a Time — Part 2

After the ATS transmission
upgrade, it’s all about airflow


FJ Cruiser

Toyota brings back an old
moniker with new style and technology


Black Diamond BD-260FQB

SURV boasts more room without increasing length


Fish On!

If you’re angling
for new equipment, check out these rods and reels




Gateway to the South

Louisville’s museums showcase the city’s unique blend
of sophistication and Southern charm


Reading, Writing, ‘Rithmetic &

Hit the road with an all-American family on its RVing homeschooling


Kansas City Calls …

… Loud and clear: You’ll love all the
reasons to come and stay a while


Dinosaur National Monument

Explore the
dramatic canyon scenery and dinosaur fossils


Grand Canyon National Park

Take a mule ride, motorcoach, van or even hike it down — just make sure to take time to

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