TOC: September 2010


First Drive: 2011 GMC
Denali HD

Cover Image 2010 Sept TLMPremium features, high styling and outstanding performance
characterize GM’s heavy-duty trucks

Hitching Made

Products designed to lend a helping hand while hitching up

STEADYfast Trailer Stabilization Kit 

A new product designed to stop
trailer rocking while set up in camp

It Takes 10 to

This back-to-basics trailer has a clean layout, lots of sleeping options
and no digital-device clutter

Spraying Away Pain 

Give minor aches and
pains a soothing rub with Therapain Plus, a natural spray-on pain reliever


The Nature of

Seize the spirit of adventure and camp off the grid without losing
all of your material comforts

The Slabs 

quite a campground nor an RV park, Slab City in the Southern California desert is a haven
for free-spirited RVers

This Land: Badlands National Park 

This sublime
desert landscape is a testimony to the power of water, which is what created the park’s
unique features

Texas Watering Holes 

Hot springs filled with refreshingly
warm water in West Texas offer sites for campgrounds, amusing attractions and glass-bottom

Southern Arizona 

Discover a path less traveled than the usual
Arizona snowbird route by visiting the colorful towns of Sahuarita, Tubac and Nogales

The Outsider: Teeing It High 

Mesmerizing vistas in Alberta, Canada, make
it an unparalleled golfing destination for RVers

French Lick,

“Miracle waters” and a resort with a domed atrium that rivals the
Houston Astrodome await visitors to in this Indiana town


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