TrailManor 2619 Sport

J.D. Power and Associates has called the increasing number of SUVs on the road “an
explosion.” According to Keith Hulsey, TrailManor’s vice president of sales and marketing,
“An increase in the popularity of SUVs means there are more people looking to tow an RV for
camping. They are also looking for a better quality of camping experience than normally
associated with an entry-level pop-up trailer. That’s why we developed the 2619 Sport.”
When closed, the TrailManor 2619 Sport is only 64 inches high and can be stored in a
garage. When open to its full 26 feet, it can sleep up to eight people, with dining
accommodations for the same octet. Hulsey says with today’s fuel costs, the low profile and
light weight of the Sport are important features because these both add up to fuel savings
compared to heavier or less wind-resistant units. In base condition the unit has a payload
of roughly 1,700 pounds and a gross vehicle weight rating (gvwr) of 4,023 pounds – a weight
most mid-size SUVs and pickups can handle. In some aspects, this new model takes a
back-to-basics approach. “This unit was made for hunters off in primitive campgrounds, or
for families in campgrounds with restrooms,” says Hulsey. “For example, it doesn’t have a
gas stove, but people can use a camp stove either inside or outside the unit.” But for
TrailManor, this doesn’t mean roughing it in Spartan accommodations. The Sport has a
kitchen sink, an electric refrigerator and a place for a portable toilet. Options include a
20,000-BTU furnace, a crank-out awning and roof air conditioning. Like all TrailManor
trailers, the Sport has insulated hard walls. The Sport can be set up in minutes – even in
the rain — without everything inside getting wet. Easy manual opening is made possible by
torsion bars and counterbalanced tops, and the unit can even be opened while attached to
the tow vehicle. “Although this unit is designed to be lighter and easier on the budget
than our more fully equipped models, it still features the same great TrailManor-built
qualities, such as maple cabinets with pewter hardware and our specially designed laminated
wall panels,” adds Hulsey. “It’s the ideal weekend getaway trailer.” TrailManor Inc., (800)


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