How To Winterize an RV

Understand the importance of winterizing your RV. We compare the two ways for winterizing an RV including draining all water or using an RV antifreeze. A TrailerLifeTV original video.

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  1. I’m am thinking about buying a pull trailer 30′ forest river windjammer.
    GVWR 8050lbs I was wondering what your thoughts were on my pull vehicle
    It would be a Ford F150 with the ECO BOOST Tow rating 11,000 lbs

    • Google, f 150 ecoboost towing reviews and scroll down to 5th site listed by
      They tested a F150 v-8 against a F150 ecoboost v-6 pulling two identical 9000 lb trailers on a 2000 mile round trip.
      The test results are very informative.


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