Outdoor Adventure Box
(3) The new trifold sofa was delivered with the back and seat cushions separate, which made it easier to fit through the door. After assembling the sofa, it was moved into the slideout and centered with enough clearance to allow the bed to be deployed. We were careful not to push the sofa too far back or pull it too far forward, so the back wouldn’t be too upright and the back cushions wouldn’t fall over.
(5) The L-brackets and screws from the previous sofa are used to secure the couch to the slideout floor.


SalVinCo Vance RV reading light with integrated USB port

Vance Reading Light with Integrated USB Port

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Camping World Zig Zag Zero Gravity Recliner

Staff Pick: Zig Zag Zero Gravity Recliner

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HitchGrip Hitch-Ball Mount Carrier on hitch ball

HitchGrip Hitch-Ball Mount Carrier

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