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10-Minute Tech

10 Minute Tech

10-minute-tech storage in the washer closet

10-Minute Tech: Custom Storage

Since we needed more space for storage and pantry items in our RV and didn’t need a washer and dryer, we transformed that closet...
Improvised storage area in a 2019 Keystone Outback

10-Minute Tech: Secret Storage

We have a 2019 Keystone Outback. My husband was looking for the water pump, and during his search he noticed that the end tables...
Under-RV folding ladder storage system

10-Minute Tech: Ladder Lodging

I made a storage tube for my 25-pound, 7-foot double-rung folding ladder out of a 5-by-5-by-96-inch plastic fence post with caps on each end....
drywall J-channel trim fits the edge of ½-inch oriented strand board (OSB)

10-Minute Tech: Take the Edge Off

Our Heartland Bighorn fifth-wheel had a rough edge on the bed platform. I found that drywall J-channel trim fit the edge of the ½-inch...
fishing rod storage using cup hooks in RV storage area

10-Minute Tech: Rod-and-Reel Rack

Our fishing poles were taking up valuable floor space, and the lines were getting tangled, so we created a way to keep the rods...
A DIY trailer hitch dolly constructed by Bill Vanhook, of York, South Carolina and submitte dto Trailer Life 10-minute tech

10-Minute Tech: Hitch Dolly

As I have gotten older, the trailer hitch ball mount has gotten heavier. So I made a dolly to transport the ball mount to...
DIY Handle mechanism for Clearsource RV water filter system

10-Minute Tech: Get a Grip

We have a Clearsource water-filter system, and to make it easier to get a grip on it, I added a handle. I purchased a...
photo of RV shower converted to storage

10-Minute Tech: Shower Conversion

Downsizing to a small trailer made camping more authentic but put storage at a premium. Our new Rockwood Geo Pro has a tub/shower we...
Phto shows blinker light added to travel trailer

10-Minute Tech: See and Be Seen

We’ve been towing one travel trailer or another for about 25 years. Many times on multilane highways, motorists in the next lane have “hovered”...
Photo of drinks in RV refrigerator illustrate a DIY holder

10-Minute Tech: Dedicated to Drinks

Beverage bottles in my outdoor kitchen’s refrigerator would always shift during transport, and then fall out when I opened the door. I fixed this...



Staff Pick: Furrion Sense All-in-One Entertainment System

Whatever you do, don’t call this a TV. The 32-inch Furrion Sense HD LED All-in-One Entertainment System surely is a television, but with its...
RV Rider rack installed with a bike in place

RV Rider: Heavy-Duty Bicycle Hauler

The RV Rider platform rack transports two fat-tire or electric bikes securely on the back of fifth-wheels and motorhomes Carrying bicycles securely on the back...
Universal Keyhole hands-free camera harness from Backcountry Solutions

Staff Pick: Universal Keyhole Camera Harness

There’s an axiom regarding cameras: the best camera is the one you have with you. A camera in your backpack requires stopping, removing the...