American Hiking Society: Volunteer and Explore

Volunteer cleaning up hiking trail

The American Hiking Society organizes groups of 6-15 volunteers working with experienced, guided, supervised crews to clean up hiking trails around the country.

A working vacation of sorts, volunteers meet up with people with similar interests and work together exploring new areas of America’s wilderness. Groups will be able to hike local trails, see the area’s attractions and enjoy quiet nights around a campfire. Food, park entrance fees, campsite, tools and a one-year membership with the American Hiking Society are included in the $275 registration fee.

For more information; 800-972-8608,


  1. Thanks for the link! Local cleanups can be a great way to meet fellow hikers, and those that share the same passion for nature. Plus, there’s something very special about being a part of the cleanup or creation of a hiking trail, especially when hiking it at a later date.


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