Demco Buys Victoria’s Hijacker Hitches, Jacks

Boyden, Iowa-based Dethmers Mfg. (Demco) announced Sept. 7 it had acquired the complete Hijacker product line from Victoria Industries. The line consists of fifth-wheel hitches, hydraulic jacks and camper steps.

Dethmers has been a national leader in the RV towing industry since 1982. According to a release, the company believes its latest acquisition will complement its existing Kar Kaddy and the complete line of tow bar systems offered through its Demco brand. Demco’s manufacturing facility and headquarters spans more than 320,000 square feet in Boyden. In addition to its strong presence in the RV market, the company serves the agricultural, trailer products and printing industries.

Victoria Industries, Victoria, B.C., has been manufacturing RV products and accessories since 1967. The company initially began with camper jacks and aftermarket camper steps before transitioning into manufacturing its own fifth-wheel hitch in 1983.



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