Let’s Go to Idaho!

Beautiful Ariel view of waterfalls on sunny day

Idaho often get’s a bad rap, sandwiched between the tourist meccas of Wyoming, Nevada, Washington, Utah and Oregon, the state is often forgotten by travelers.  Yellowstone, Las Vegas the forests of Oregon and the mountains of Utah seem to get all the publicity.

Idaho, however, is packed with gorgeous landscapes, towering peaks and rushing waters.  And because most people don’t wake up and think, “I must go to Idaho,” seeing all the attractions is that much easier.

So, what is there to do in Idaho? Well, what isn’t there to do?

The entire state is crisscrossed with scenic byways, ideal for RVers looking to explore nature without getting on high-speed, high-traffic highways.  Every corner of the state has it’s own scenic route, travelers looking to make the trip should find the scenic byway that fits their trip best at Idaho Byways.

Those byways are sprinkled with countless outdoor attractions.  Depending on the byway, RV travelers can take a peek at the ancient world at the Hagerman Fossil Beds, anglers can fish in one of Idaho’s whitewater streams, and those that just want to relax can find themselves a soothing hot spring.

Golfers may just want to stay in Idaho forever, there are four distinct Idaho golf course loops consisting of several courses each.  It would be wise to steer clear during the winter months, but with spring in the air, the courses explode into gorgeous fields of green in the shadows of snowy peaks.

The Boise-Meridian RV Resort is an ideal place to park the RV in the Boise area — it offers all the amenities RVers need with easy access to the City of Trees and a quick route to the state’s many scenic byways.

Next time you wake up on the road without a destination in mind, maybe it’s time to say, “I must go to Idaho.”

Oh, and for those spud-lovers on a pilgrimage to the American potato heartland, don’t miss the Idaho Potato Museum.


  1. Hey, we love Idaho and the serenity of being “sandwiched” in between other attractions. Idaho does have everything you could want to look at and take part in. Our state has 30 Good Sam Chapters all over the state so we travel around each summer from place to place to meet and socialize.
    I hope you will want to see this great country. There is much to see within 100 miles of where we live in Twin Falls.
    You all come!!

  2. Best fly fishing in the world in Island park & henry’s Lake. Great hunting and excellent shooting matches at bullseye & cowboy action ranges, beautiful mountains, scenic lakes & incredibly well situated and equipped parks suitable for RVs. Don’t miss the “Craters of the Moon”.

  3. You should mention in the article that Idaho has one of the worst environmental records of any state in the US. This is a state that actively supports the killling of wildlife, especially wolves, with the cruel and inhumane method of trapping. Just look at the recent story about the torture of a trapped wolf (google it). The Governor boasts about being one of the first to go out and slaughter a wolf. If that is your thing, then by all means spend your money there. Not me.

      • O.K., and your dog would be running loose in the woods for what reason?
        And if it was, it could very well be your dog in that trap. Now, wouldn’t that be a delight for you to find.

      • Keep your damn dog inside, the wolves were here first before you fraidycat europeans overran their habitat and declared the “Werewolfs”

    • You are a moron. I LOVE Idaho. GREAT hunting, fishing and just the outdoors. If your thing is not hunting, fishing or the outdoors, STAY THE HELL HOME!

    • You greenie wimps should just stay home and glorify in your left leaning tree hugging valleys. Wolves are a dangerous predator, and the more crowded we get in this country, the less valuable they are to most livelihoods. They’re just trouble. I can see all I need to in a zoo.

      I cringe when I go RVing these days, afraid I’ll end up next to someone who thinks animals are more important than people. We’ve so lost our pioneer spirit. Try to eat a wolf sometime. I prefer the cattle, sheep, deer, etc. and other food that wolves destroy.

    • Ed unless you have a wildlife degree better withhold comments, also most states allow trapping outside of National or State Parks, I have friends in Montana they have to escort their children to school with guns to protect them from Wolf attack.

      Incidently Idaho Celebrates 150 years this year

    • Idaho “was” a good state to vacation in until the wolves came along. I vacationed there 4 years in a row. I went for the scenery and wildlife viewing. Now all that is left is the scenery. The last wildlife I saw was a wolf with a fawn in its mouth. Don’t see much other wildlife anymore. Pretty soon the wolves will run out of wildlife to eat and start looking for something else…………

      • Well, some feathers sure got ruffled. The comments about wolves attacking children and looking for people to eat, priceless. I guess I missed the articles about wolves running around eating folks. And yes my thing is the “outdoors”, I appreciate ALL wildlife, not just the ones I can kill and eat. I hunt with a camera. So, let us all get back to enjoying RVing.

    • The reason we enjoy such a great environment. Here in ID is that we have so few dumb bastards. Your choosing not to visit us helps preserve that blissful condition

  4. The Sawtooth Mtns as seen from Stanley is just awesome, and if you enjoy ghost towns Custer on the Yankee Fork of the Salmon River is a place sought out by the Europeans who visit the US in a rented RVs. Also on the way into Custer is the Yankee Fork Dredge, a mostly intact four story mining machine that you can tour. If you fancy to try your gold panning skills, you will most likely find color in the Yankee Fork.

  5. Spend the summer in boise. I have 2 R.V. spots for $400 month in Boise. all utilities paid. private dead end street. has free laundry room.


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