NHTSA Studies Chinese-Made Tire Valve Stems

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) is investigating valve stems that are failing, possibly causing low tire pressure that could lead to a crash. Since most consumers don’t know what kind of valve stems are installed in their vehicle’s wheels, NHTSA advises drivers to check their valve stems for cracking and check tire pressures regularly.

The valve stems under investigation, TR414 and TR414 Dill ACP, were sold by Dill Air Control Products and manufactured by Topseal, a Chinese subsidiary of Shanghai Baolong Industries Company. One death is attributed to the faulty valve stems. Recently a distributor of Shanghai Baolong began a recall of some six million model number TR413 valve stems.

If you have purchased new tires within the past two years, consider calling your tire shop to find out if these valve stems were used.


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