Introducing The Fox Mountain Project

Ford F-150 towing Fox Mountain Fifth-Wheel

We dove into the Fox Mountain project in response to vigorous interest in towing compact fifth wheels with so called, “half-ton” pickups. The name half-ton is sort of a misnomer since the latest crop of lighter pickups can actually handle much more than the 1,000-pound payload suggested by the dated designation.

We settled on a Ford F-150 with very low miles that was set up to tow a 22-foot conventional trailer, and has been used by the owners to do just that for a number of years. It already had a good quality proportional brake controller and wiring, but the connection point was not in the right place for a fifth wheel.

Our biggest challenge was the bed length. The crew cab F-150 was fitted with a short bed, which complicated the process. Some manufacturers of fifth wheels round out the corners of the front cap to accommodate the turning limitations of the short bed, preventing a collision at the rear of the cab. The Fox Mountain was not set up that way, so we needed to run through a few hoops to facilitate safe towing.

In the months ahead we will bring you project topics that will include the hitch, a kingpin extender, top grade wiring, auxiliary springs, mirrors, tires, and a number of accessories to bring kayaks and bikes along—just to name a few. While we have a lot in our goody bag, I’m sure we’ll be covering tips and accessories we haven’t even thought of yet.

We’ll also be concentrating on projects that enhance the trailer’s livability, especially when parking without hookups.

Outfitting and customizing a fifth wheel, trailer, camper or motorhome to run parallel with the owner’s interests and travel habits is the most fun part of RV ownership.

Stay tuned for more from our Fox Mountain project. And Click Here for the first edition. 



  1. We have a 2012 Jayco Eagle fifth
    wheel we have been full timing on for about a year pulled by a Ford F250 diesel. Looking forward to your reports.

  2. This is exactly what I was looking for, a 5th wheel that can be towed by my 1/2ton Silverado. I look forward to more articles.

    • Hi Matthew, I have a 2009 F150 and we are towing a 2010 30 foot Keystone Springdale. When we purchased it we were told it was one of a few that were rated for “1/2 ton” trucks. Hope this helps.

  3. Very interesting! I also am pulling a 2011 245 rks with a 2006 F150, 5.4l engine. While the rig is within the ‘tow limits’, I am over the GVWR (7200lbs) of the truck even with a pin weight of just over 1250lbs. While it has been a treat to tow, I plan to remove the tailgate and the spare tire for my next trip. I checked with the local spring shop who pointed out that the truck was running level and indicated that there was no need for any extra spring leaves.
    I have installed a sliding hitch which solves some of the issues with the turning circle, but have only used it in the back position twice. Looking forward to your next report!


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