Microsoft’s National Park Trivia Sweepstakes


Many people don’t realize they likely live within a day’s drive of a national park, and with gas prices on the rise, vacationing in your own “backyard” is a great idea. Inspiring folks to visit these nearby parks, Microsoft is kicking off the Cruisin’ the National Parks Trivia Sweepstakes. The contest started June 27 and will run through Labor Day (September 5) with a new trivia question posted every Tuesday. Those who correctly answer will be entered to win a $50 VISA gift card and a copy of the 2011 version of Microsoft
Streets & Trips. From there you can link to Facebook to share your stories and photos from the road. For every person who “likes” the Streets & Trips Facebook page, Microsoft will donate $1 to the National Parks Foundation.

For more information and to join in on the fun, visit


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