Web Exclusives: Alaska’s Historic Richardson Highway Photos

Alaska Wrangel St. Elias NP Chisana Hike to Alder Lakes

The Richardson Highway, a 366-mile route from Fairbanks to Valdez, Alaska, is both destination and journey. This historic motorway cuts through the southeastern Alaskan interior to Prince William Sound. Over a century ago, gold prospectors followed the route in hopes of striking it rich. Though the only gold you’ll likely find today occurs in September when the fall foliage is at its most vibrant, the trip is a goldmine of jaw-dropping views, historic sites and outdoor opportunities.

The Richardson Highway cuts through both the Alaska and Chugach Ranges as it heads south to the sea. Along the way, you’ll see endless acres of Alaskan wilderness. You’ll peek at the famous Trans-Alaska Pipeline. You might have to brake for Dall sheep or caribou, and you’ll find the expansive glaciers as fascinating as the small seals that spy on you from the gray-blue water of Valdez Harbor. If Alaska is on your life-list of places to visit, a drive down the Richardson Highway will immerse you in both the inland and coastal life and landscapes of the state appropriately nicknamed The Last Frontier.

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Below you will find a photo gallery from our Alaskan adventure. 


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