The Scenic Route: Take That Murphy!

Reflector light

If there’s one certainty we’ve found in our travels along The Scenic Route it’s that Murphy’s Law—which postulates that “anything that can go wrong will”—is our constant companion.  From snapped engine belts to heavy-duty trailer hitches that somehow cracked clean through, well, let’s just say we’re no strangers to sitting by the side of the road waiting for the tow truck while traffic whizzes by just inches from our bumpers.

While these episodes were undeniably stressful, they would have been a lot more worrisome if it weren’t for the Lightman Xenon Strobes I keep handy in our roadside emergency kit.  While I’ve carried all kinds of warning devices over the years, nothing I’ve ever tried can match the big attention-getting power delivered by these little warning flashers. 

These lightweight units, shaped like three-sided pyramids, will run for hours on a pair of AA batteries and flash brightly enough to be seen more than a mile away even in daylight.  You can choose from individual strobes in an assortment of colors or buy a pre-packaged kit that includes the strobes, gooseneck stems and weighted bases (magnetic and suction cup mounts are also available), and a drawstring storage pouch. 

Looking on the bright side of our breakdowns, I can tell you my experience with these Lightman strobes has convinced me that I’ll never go back to old-school road flares or warning triangles.  In fact, after using them on several occasions, I’ve come to think of them as my little way of evening the odds with the notorious Mr. Murphy.


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