Diesel Fuel Additive

Outdoor Adventure Box

Red Line’s Diesel Fuel Catalyst is designed to prolong fuel system life and improve fuel combustion. Powerful thermally stable detergents clean fuel injectors and the compression ring area that can become filled with partially burned combustion products. A cetane booster is incorporated to reduce knocking and smoke and improve cold-weather starting. Lubricity additives lubricate fuel pumps and injectors while leaving a coating in the upper cylinder, helping to reduce friction at a critical point where the rings change direction. Red Line Synthetic Oil: (800) 624-7958, Online Information.


HitchGrip Hitch-Ball Mount Carrier on hitch ball

HitchGrip Hitch-Ball Mount Carrier

My husband does the hooking and unhooking of our travel trailer when we go camping. He always complains about having to use gloves to...
KING Exten Cellular Booster

KING Extend Cellular Booster

Do you find yourself at a campground with dropped cell-phone calls and internet speed as slow as a snail? If so, the KING Extend...
Dometic 2882 8-cubic-foot refrigerator for RVs

Dometic Americana Plus Refrigerator: Stay Cool

What would you say is the most important appliance in your RV’s kitchen? We would argue that it’s the refrigerator, keeping us RVers content...