A Better Bowl for Your Furry Friends

Smart Water Bowl


Many RVers like to take their furry friends with them on the road, but keeping pets properly hydrated in an RV, especially during travel, can pose a challenge. Conventional water bowls slosh and spill easily, and do nothing to filter water that may have come from an unknown source. The TORUS water bowl by New Zealand-based Heyrex uses its walls as a water reservoir to ensure an ample water supply, keeping the water free of dust and other contaminants. The reservoir automatically replenishes the bowl to a low-slosh level, and even filters it with a replaceable active carbon filter. Two sizes are offered: two liters ($59.95) and one liter ($54.95). TORUS is PBA-free, comes with a 12-month warranty and does not require a power source. Available from a number of online retailers.

Heyrex | www.heyrex.com/en/torus




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