Adventurer Electric Bike

Electric Bicycle
Electric Bicycle

Cruise the park, campground or neighborhood with ease, burning no gas, with the Adventurer Electric Bike. Three modes give riders flexibility — manual, electric assist or full-electric. It’s powered by a lightweight, long-lasting lithium ion battery that’s good for 15.5 miles under full-electric power, or up to 22 miles in electric assist mode, at speeds up to 15 mph. Speed is controlled by a twist throttle, and it’s got a plush seat for maximum comfort. The Adventurer is said to recharge in five to six hours, and has a folding frame so it doesn’t take up extra space when it’s not in use, or between destinations.

MSRP: $999.99


  1. Bought two of these after reading this ad. Battery just died, unable to find another battery, rendering the bike worthless…beware.

  2. Was a great purchase if it would’ve lasted….also bought the extended warranty but now it’s just out of warranty and the battery/motor died and no one, even Camping World, will help. We just want to find someone that will fix it, since we paid $800 for it! CW won’t tell us who to go to since it’s expired and the warranty company that we had on it when we bought it, said no — you have to go thru Camping World…’s a total run-around 🙁 We’re not asking for the repair to be covered under warranty, we just need someone to go to for it to be fixed and we’ll pay for it.

  3. I purchased the Adventure electric bike at Camping World in Waconda Illinois. It was as is, and the lithium battery didn’t work. I’m hoping I can purchase one through you. I’ll need a charger as well.

  4. I have the Adventurer bike pictured in this, and I need a new battery. Can you tell me how and where to order it or give me the info on the company who made this bike so I can contact them?


    • Did you ever get a reply? I’m looking to find a charger for my bike, plus lost the key if I ever have to replace the battery.

  6. I have the same bike — runs great. Did you ever find a source for the battery or other parts? I need a charger and a key. I see you placed this question last year but do not see any replies.

  7. Hi, I have been working on my bike. Looks like a pretty easy fix. I ordered an American-made battery. When it comes in and I have made a mount for it and tested it, I will post it. If anyone else has a bike with a hard-to-get or expensive battery and wants it fixed, I am happy to look at it.

  8. Good news for all Adventurer e-bike owners who need a battery. I found that has the exact replacement. Chargers as well. Battery only is #bb2494-bo. Sale price $269.95. Charger $ 39.95, #acc-2415. I got a battery, charger and holder, #bx2494b, for $299.95 [email protected]$19 shipping, thinking I would need to rewire a new housing. The new battery fit the old housing perfectly. I’m very happy with the product and service (about 4 days).

    • I hope things are going ok with your new battery. My batteries are currently ok, but will probably fail soon. Bought the bikes in Dec. 2012 but haven’t used them as much as I thought we would. Had one issue with one battery, Camping World reluctantly replaced it for $300 and a jury-rig. Took them 3 months and a lot of wrangling, but I got it done; still have the old battery. (They sent it back with the new one.) I will definitely go to Bix Power if and when these fail. Thanks again for solving a huge problem with these bikes. Everyone owes you one.

  9. Thank heavens for Robert Tilley. Good work, Bobby, will use this info for my 2 bikes that will need a battery soon.


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