RV Gear: Trac Digital Circuit Breaker

Trac Digital Circuit Breaker
Photo: Courtesy of Manufacturer

An essential safety component of any RV, the circuit breaker monitors electrical power and switches it off when it senses a problem. Trac Outdoor Products has taken the old thermal devices to a new level of performance with its Digital Circuit Breaker (model T10171), which displays real-time voltage and amp draw of 12-volt DC systems. The compact, waterproof unit has brightly lit LED displays for easy reading of volts and current, as well as a broken-circuit indicator light and dedicated buttons for Amps (30, 40, 50 or 60), Mode (manual or automatic) and Reset. Adjustable settings give users control over the circuit break-point.

MSRP: $69.95

615-462-6224 | www.trac-outdoor.com



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